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About Our Bridal Registry Program

Choose the Wedding Package of your dreams!

When you come in for your consultation, one of our photographers will take note of all of the products and services you want. You may register for such items as our new signature guest book, a signature wall print, traditional wall portraits, albums, and even our new digital photo frames!

Let your guests know what you want!

We will provide you with cards to put in your Bridal Shower Invitations that will let people know you are registered at Hillier Studio. Your guests can call, stop by, or email us. They will have the option to fulfill any of your registry requests or place a monetary amount toward your overall order. They will receive a certificate (stating what they purchased) to give to you as a gift!

Redeem your certificates!

Approximately one month before your wedding, we will let you know what registry items have been fulfilled, as well as any monetary amount that has been applied. We will subtract that from your total, and you can spend the savings on your honeymoon!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to participate in the Registry Program?

Not at all! We provide this program as part of our commitment to serving you!

What if we receive additional monetary certificates at or after the wedding (after we have paid in full)?

When a guest contacts us, we will encourage them to use this as a shower or pre- wedding gift so that you have the certificates to put toward your wedding portraits. However, some guests may want to give certificates as a wedding day gift (after you have paid in full) – that's good too!

You can use these certificates toward additional portraits, albums, framing…or any of our products! You may also use the certificates on services (for example, a family portrait session)! These certificates are good for 12 months after your wedding!

What if the certificates we receive exceed the amount we registered for?

If this happens more than four weeks prior to the wedding (before full payment has been made) you may add wedding day services or products to your package (additional coverage, extended outdoor session, etc).

If this occurs after full payment has been made, you may use the certificates in the same ways suggested for the answer above.

What if we decide to change our package or registered items?

You may contact us at any time to add to or altar your preferences (we ask that additions to services be made at least four weeks prior to the date of the wedding to ensure additional staff).

What happens to our certificates if for some reason we need to cancel our services, or switch to a date that is not available?

We hope this doesn't happen! But if it does, we would work with you on an individual basis (there is no standard policy, but we will do what we can, with all circumstances considered)